Thursday, October 14, 2010

How Blooming Lucky?

I am VERY blooming lucky to receive an eco-friendly baby cake! A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Sarah McIntyre, owner, founder and "baker"of, for listening to our show and celebrating the soon-to-be birth of my little Ellie. Imagine our surprise when we opened this gift! Yes, it is delicious enough to want to eat but you can't. It "does" everything else under the sun though .... get this:

• It contains tons of chlorine-free diapers from Seventh Generation Diapers (also recommended by our friend and show guest, Dr. Alan Greene).

• 15 feet of seed ribbon from Bloembox™ to plant in honor of the new baby. Since it lasts for 2 years, we can plant it for any special milestone. Mine are Shirley Poppy seeds.

• The seed ribbon comes in a cute little trinket box to hold keepsakes like her hospital band, first tooth or first curl.

• This cake is assembled on a platter that doubles as a non-breakable mirror for baby. Although cardboard, it shows a great reflection of baby and invites a traditional game of peek-a-boo!

• Sweet ribbon, silk flowers and toil adorn the cake which can be used to decorate this baby girl's nursery. My ribbon says "Oh Baby!", specially picked out for me in honor of our Big O: Organization Series in which we share a new organizational product with a big "Oh Baby!" shout out! (Funny Sarah!) Knowing Ellie's room is pink and green, Sarah kept that in mind when designing my cake.

• The packing paper is more than cushion, it is ideal art project material for big brother Aidan!

• And my personal favorite ... a fluffy pink tutu for Ellie to prance around in one day! Oh, how I can't wait to see that.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how this diaper cake is so eco-friendly and thoughtfully assembled. There isn't a part of it that doesn't treat the Earth well or have special meaning. Being pregnant and all, I do wish part of it was edible. But hey, the genius trade-offs are well, so eco-smart and practical. I will for sure keep Sarah's incredible cakes in mind for the next baby celebration in our family!

And it was clearly the ultimate centerpiece for the "poo-poo" party (a.k.a. diaper stocking party) Jen threw for me!

Be sure to check out for a look at these beautiful cakes and to read Sarah's sweet story about her grandpa, her take on parenting, and how she got started in her business!

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