Friday, November 19, 2010

Aidan's Letter to Ellie

Dear Ellie and mom,

You are the best sister ever. I love you. I hope you have curly hair. but I bet you will. I bet your first food will be dad hole made bread. you probably will. i love you. you are really small. you were born at 8:57. And you weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces. you were so cute when you came out. it was cool when I first walked in to see you. I did not like what you burped or pooped or puked out. your hair is soft. and I told you to chop chop! and I think Ellie will like her first car ride. your feet and hands are so so so soft. you are really small.

I hope you don't have glasses. or I don't want you to have surgery. And I don't want you to have problems whith your leg or ear. I bet you like moms ninny because I don't like hot milk or white milk. I only like chocolate milk. you smiled when you were 2 days old. And that was cute. I bet you will or will not like chocolate milk. But now you like moms ninny. your first shirt you wore to our house is so cute. I hope you like dogs because we have one. I just hope you are not allergic to dogs. But I think you won't be. you are so cute. I now I said that a couple of times.

Plus mom I like the limn pie and the things that you eat at the doctor. Your little boots and clothes and shirts and shoes are cute. Hey Ellie I did not like when you were choking.


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