Friday, March 5, 2010

Simple Secret

Apparently, our secret wasn't very simple.

I explained how fun it would be to keep our little secret to ourselves. I explained why it was important to keep it hush, hush for a while (to let the baby grow since I'm only 1 month along.) My final words to Aidan after "pee stick" day, upon school drop-off : "Remember, it will be hard to keep it a secret but FUN!"

Here is the conversation after school. Dad: Aidan, did you tell anyone our secret? Aidan: I'm sorry Dad, I couldn't keep it in! Dad: Ok, who did ya tell? Aidan: Just Thad. Dad: Ok. Aidan: (long pause) And Jack. (long pause) And Connor. (long pause) And Nick. Vicky: Good grief, we HAVE TO call our parents.

My tip for the day: If it's a pretty important secret, don't tell your 8 year old!


  1. The most FUN part of having a secret it telling someone ;) I Looking forward to following your blog and your adventures in pregnancy.

    Congrats, luck and lots of love
    Melissa :)

  2. There are 2 1st grade classes in our school and each twin is in one. I asked my boy's teacher if the rumor is true that my daughter's teacher is pregnant. Her hesitation confirmed that it's true. The funny part is that all the little girls in the class knew (before an official announcement) because one of them overheard the teacher talk about it. Girls will be girls and they know from early on how to be one! (*Not sure how that "profile" thing works!)

  3. Thanks so much Melissa - you're absolutely right!

    Anonymous - that's hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :-)