Monday, April 19, 2010

Upset Tummy

This pregnancy sure seems to be "by the books". And that's a good thing! At exactly 12 weeks, I found a bit of relief to the nausea I had day in and day out for 3 l-o-n-g months. I'm at the beginning of 15 weeks now, so the past 3 weeks have been more fun ... more energetic and less cranky for me. Food has never taste so good! (Helloooo turtle sundaes!)

I tried everything under the sun to ease the tummy troubles during my first trimester, all recommendations from family and friends. The bottom line is ... there is no right answer. Different things work for different moms-to-be. I did find some of them quite humorous though.

• saltine crackers
• ginger ale
• peanuts
• peanut butter
• hamburger for breakfast (anything protein)
• ginger cookies
• peppermint
• pregnancy tea
• lemon drops
• graham crackers
• dry toast

and my personal favorite, from Janice of The Mealmakeover Moms nonetheless:

• potato chips and lemonade!

What worked for me the most? I'd have to say my tummy always felt a little more settled after drinking Vernors: The Original Ginger Soda!

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