Monday, May 24, 2010

Week by Week

This week LBT is the size of a big bell pepper at 5 inches long. A growth spurt is right around the corner and in the next few weeks, he or she will double his or her weight. Some mamas can even feel fluttering and other baby movements beginning this week. If not, then very soon! This is the sort of fun information I look forward to week by week! I always read my updates to Aidan and Doug.

I mentioned before but today I discovered Not only can you follow your pregnancy week by week (how the baby is growing and how you might be feeling), but you can follow your child's weekly development once baby is born! There's more ... expert advice and articles, baby names, interactive tools, parent blogs, and FREE baby stuff to name a few. Of course I signed up for coupons for formula, diapers and baby food! Who wouldn't?

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