Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Wearing

I am finding PregTASTIC to be a fanTASTIC resource! This online radio show, and their pregnant hosts, celebrate all things pregnancy. Through their fun and casual chats and interviews, they provide the most helpful information about the pregnancy journey, even if you're going through it a second time like me!

Recently, I listened to: Baby Carriers on finding the perfect baby carrier. With all the craziness on the market today I needed a refresher. Is my sling still "safe" from 8 years ago? Will I use the same baby sling, a wrap, or a pouch? Will I consider the Maya, Moby, Baby Bjorn, Ergo or Peanut Shell? Should I wear LBT on my hip, front or back? Will Doug use the carrier too? Yikes! Thank goodness for PregTASTIC, and especially for their new video version so I could actually see the carriers and watch the moms put them on, then take them off.

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  1. I am a podcast junkie, and I love PregTASTIC too! Very informative but lighthearted format (hmmm, kinda reminds me of why I love What Really Matters). ;)