Friday, September 17, 2010

Details, Details

It seems there are a lot of "lists" when it comes to babies ... shower registry, baby names, thank you notes, hospital packing list, to-do lists, and to-do lists, and even more to-do lists.

LBT will be here in 4 weeks and my lists are getting shorter. Today I started to think about my "recovery list" since I'm having a c-section ... not necessarily the things that HAVE to be done before she gets here, but the things that NEED to be done while I recover and my family is getting used to having a little one around. Here are some things on my list ...

• Pay the bills early. I pay all my bills online so I can go ahead and get them scheduled for their due dates. Is Aidan's lunch money covered for the next couple weeks?

• Stock up on frequently needed household items. My boys will be doing some shopping for me, and do I want them to pick out my hair products, personal items and other favorite toiletries? Uh, no! This will save me from explaining what kinds of pads or shampoo I need if I am to run out.

• Prepare in advance for any special events: Buy Nick's birthday card and gift certificate, then get it ready to mail. Help Aidan with his Halloween costume. Donate items to school fall festival early. Plan a 16th wedding anniversary surprise for Doug since I will be in the hospital.

• Call insurance about adding baby to our plan.

• Have birth announcements ready to roll ... minus baby's first picture. Also, prepare the "who to call" list for Dad for baby's "birth day".

• Have hair cut and colored BEFORE the big day. I'll need all the help I can get to look my best during those non-make-up, non-hair days! Oh, and do my nails and feet too! And I guess shave.

• Pick out comfy recovery clothes, including stretchy pants and nursing bra.

• Two words: Freezer Meals.

• Put movies I WANT TO WATCH on our Netflix Queue.

I'm sure there's a few more details to consider, but this list alone will help make for a smoother transition into our new baby world! The way I look at it: the more I can take care of now, the less I worry about later.


  1. Is someone else going to be taking care of Aidan? I had a list for each child of things that only I would think of...night time routines, teachers names, school phone numbers, doctor's numbers, list of things they needed to take to school each day, etc. This was especially helpful since I had a c-section and was in the hospital for a longer time. I also packed up their clothes in gallon ziploc bags - labeled Monday-Saturday (helped when I got home as well).
    Make a "Mama Basket" for when you come home, so everything is at your finger tips while you recover on the couch (lotion, chapstick, books, magazines, nipple cream, pens/paper, etc). I had a little table by the couch with all my essentials on it.
    Catch up on laundry & clean house before hand!

  2. Excellent ideas Katie and the Little Things ....

    I didn't even think to have my mama care basket and my clothes near my recovery station!! This will be especially important since I will recover downstairs and my closet / toiletries are on the 2nd floor!

    Plus it will be a relief to com home to a semi-empty laundry basket and clean house!

    Whew, good thinking girl! Thanks for sharing!