Monday, June 7, 2010

Diaper Winners!

Congratulations to these 5 mamas for winning free Pampers Diapers - the new ones with innovative Dry Max - PLUS a trendy black "diaper clutch" to tote them around in! We asked participants of the give-a-way to share their favorite new product that has made baby life easier and thought it would be fun to share the ideas of the winners! I hope you find them as helpful as I did!

The thing that I am using A LOT with my almost-2 year old cutie is the Graco Mosaic Stroller . I searched the web high and low for this bad boy because it came highly recommended by 2 sister-in-laws. It did NOT disappoint! It fits with the Graco snug-ride infant seats and the BEST thing about it is that it collapses like an umbrella stroller but is padded and comfy and reclines and has a basket like the "cruiser" type strollers. Mine is a sassy red and black. Congrats to Vicky and I LOVE your podcasts! - Hillary H., Eagle Mountain UT

The greatest thing I’ve seen, since there was 10 yrs. between my kids too, is the fact that there are so many more choices and things have gone more natural. Cloth diapers are so much more compact and absorbent, and diaper bags are like purses now. You don’t have to carry both, you can just use the diaper bag for both! - Vickie C., Etowah,TN

Congratulations!! We love Nuby sippy cups. They are affordable, don’t spill, have covers (to keep spout clean – not for spillage) and are dishwasher safe! This was truly one of the few things we bought new and they were at our local Family Dollar store for less than $4 each. What a great bargain!! Honestly, the biggest lifesavers for us are hand-me-downs,, good-will, garage sales, and the free section on Craig’s List. Baby stuff is so expensive and we use it for such a short time. It’s great to be able to get some more use out of a gently used item like a bassinet or a snowsuit than to have to pay full price and then barely get any use out of it. Not to mention how much gentler on the environment it is to reuse and recycle!! Much happiness and good health - Debbie W., Chicago, IL

I just had another baby, so here are the new things that I like... JJ Cole Diaper Caddy (to hold diapers/wipes on another floor of the house); New Breastflow bottles from The First Years (also - a good pump is a must); I also use my nursing cover often -- so get one you love! :); Super cute crocheted beanies on -- got one for our little girl's 6 wk. pictures (but they have boy stuff, too if you have a boy)! - Becky K., Robbinsdale, MN

You can make your own Moby Wrap (baby carrier) by buying 5 yards of t-shirt fabric from your local craft store and cutting it down the middle to make two 5-yd wraps (one to wear, one to wash!). Not only do you have more variety of fabric choices, but you get two wraps for about $15 rather than spending $40 a pop. Use the Moby Wrap instructions from their website to learn how to do all the different baby holds using your fabric. - Kelsey J., Bryan, TX

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