Monday, June 28, 2010

DO NOT's of Baby Food

I'm tellin' ya ... this old mom is very appreciative of these good reminders:

• Do not give sweeteners, such as honey and corn syrup to baby.

• Do not give foods that contain honey and corn syrup, including cereals and graham crackers. (They make contain spores that can cause infant botulism, a food poisoning that can lead to death.)

• Do not give baby sweetened drinks, soda, gelatin, sugar water or juice. The sugar in these drinks can cause serious tooth decay.

Never force your baby to finish a bottle. Throw away any formula left in the bottle. Offer small portions of food.

• Never allow baby to fall asleep with a bottle in her mouth. This can cause "baby bottle tooth decay".

• Baby does not need dessert: pudding, custard, and cobbler. Offer fruit instead.

• Never prop a bottle. Be patient and attentive to your baby's needs, holding her close.

• Start one new food at a time. Wait about five days before giving the next new food to baby to detect possible allergic reactions.

• You may need to introduce the same food may different times before baby accepts it.

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